New Haply Product Names: Official 2024 Update

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Discover Haply's 2024 product rebranding: Inverse™ Installer, VerseGrips, VerseMounts & more. Seamless integration & future-proof names.

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We are thrilled to announce that Haply has implemented official product names across our entire hardware and software line. This significant update reflects our commitment to innovation and providing our customers with a seamless experience.

Introducing the New Names

  • Runtime Installer → Inverse Installer: This comprehensive software installer now includes Runtime libraries, Inverse SDK, Documentation, and Extras. It's your one-stop-shop containing all Inverse-software dependencies.

  • Handles → VerseGrips: Our range of orientation-tracked handle-accessories, compatible with the Inverse3, has been rebranded as VerseGrips. For instance, the Developer Handle is now a type of VerseGrip.

  • Mounts → VerseMounts: All bases and mount accessories designed for securing the Inverse3 have been renamed VerseMounts. An example is the Clamp-Style Desk Mount, a specific type of VerseMount.

Previously Known As

New Name


Runtime Installer

Inverse Installer

Software installer containing Runtime libraries, and Inverse™ SDK, Documentation, and Extra. 



The family of orientation-tracked handle-accessories compatible with the Inverse3.

Ex. Developer Handle is a type of VerseGrip.



The family of bases and mount accessories made for fixing the Inverse3.

Ex. Clamp-Style Desk Mount is a type of VerseMount.

New Addition

  • Inverse SDK: Nested within the Inverse™ Installer, the InverseSDK is now the cornerstone for interacting with the Inverse3, leveraging Runtime libraries for optimal performance.

Software Updates in Inverse Installer 2.0 Release

- Rename `haply` -> `haply inverse`

- Rename `handle` -> `VerseGrip`

- Rename `enum haply_handedness_type` from version 1.2.0:

- `haply_handedness_type` to `haply_inverse_handedness_type`

- `haply_handedness_nil` to `haply_inverse_handedness_nil`

- `haply_handedness_right` to `haply_inverse_handedness_right`

- `haply_handedness_left` to `haply_inverse_handedness_left`

- Rename `handle` to `Verse Grip`

- Rename `Haply Component` to `Haply Inverse Components`

- Rename `Haply device` to `Haply Inverse device`

- Rename `Haply SDK` to `Haply Inverse SDK`

- Rename `haply_inverse3_get_orientation` to `haply_inverse_get_orientation`

- Rename `haply-rt` to `haply-inverse-c`

- Rename `haply-service` to `haply-inverse-service`

- Rename `haply.h` to `haply_inverse.h`

- Rename `haply.hpp` to `haply_inverse.hpp`

- Rename `HaplyComponentInstaller` to `HaplyInverseComponentsInstaller`

- Rename `struct haply_inverse_verse_grip_state_haply haply` to `struct haply_inverse_verse_grip_state_info info`

- Rename function `save_config` to `save_config_request` to avoid clash with struct `save_config`

- Rename namespace with `haply::inverse`

- Rename `haply-rt` to `haply-inverse-c`

- Rename `haply-service` to `haply-inverse-service`

- Rename `haply.h` to `haply_inverse.h`

- Rename `haply.hpp` to `haply_inverse.hpp`

We believe these changes will greatly enhance the user experience and pave the way for future advancements. As always, Haply is dedicated to evolving alongside technological progress, ensuring our products remain at the forefront of innovation.

Future-Proof Your Experience:

These name changes are more than just a rebranding; they represent our commitment to future-proofing our products. We encourage all users to familiarize themselves with these new names and join us in this exciting new chapter.

The latest changelogs and release notes for all Haply software products will always be available in Releases page of the Haply Developer Hub.

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