Mastering Micro-Automation: Inverse3 Unleashes Full Potential of the Meca500

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Mecademic and Haply Robotics have teamed up to deliver a micro-automation solution that performs out-of-the-box.

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A new way to teach industrial robots

There are now more than 3,000,000 industrial robots in the world, with an additional 400,000 entering the market every year, and force-feedback haptics have the potential to transform the way we perceive and utilise compact robots in industrial settings.

The real magic lies in the potential for accelerated learning—with Inverse3 in the loop, manufacturers can leverage human expertise, reducing the barrier to entry and expediting the training process.

With the industrial automation market expected to double by 2029, it’s essential for manufacturers to stay ahead of the curve, and the unmatched precision of our haptic solution is a key tool in driving cost-effectiveness through improved operator training and reduced waste.

Partners in precision

At the core of this innovation is the marriage of haptic feedback technology and a 6-axis robot's agility.

The Inverse3 and Meca500 were both designed to pack outsized performance into the most compact form-factors in their class, distilling a complex offering into a refined and accessible micro-automation package that’s equally capable at scale. Together, they empower operators to handle miniaturised components in microfabrication tasks, even in the most confined spaces

Get hands-on with the Inverse3 and Meca500

Interested in micro-automation? Try it for yourself at CES 2024 or keep an eye on our events page for a tech demo at a conference or tradeshow near you.

Looking for a quote?

Unlock the Meca500’s full potential as a plug-and-work automation solution, contact us for a quote today.

Don’t leave value on the table—Inverse3 assures microscale precision in micromanufacturing, micromanipulation, and microfluidics, paving the way for enhanced accuracy in tasks at the micro-level and empowering operators to guarantee tolerance and quality benchmarks.