VR & Robotics Could Be The Future Of Medical Training

byKyle Melnick
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FundamentalVR is partnering with Haply Robotics to provide more realistic VR surgical simulations.

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In the past, we’ve seen how immersive technologies such as VR and augmented reality (AR) can benefit the medical industry, from AR-assisted surgeries to VR sedation.

Then there’s Fundamental Surgery, an immersive training platform from FundamentalVR that uses VR technology and haptics to provide everyone from medical students to professional surgeons with realistic simulations of various real-life procedures. The platform includes a number of other educational features, like multiuser classrooms with instructor-lead lessons.

We had a chance to try the platform out for ourselves and were thoroughly impressed by the technology presented.

Now the company is partnering with the award-winning haptics & robotics company Haply Robotics to provide more realistic simulations using Haply’s portable haptic technology, including its flagship Inverse3 device. According to FundamentalVR, the platform provides effective surgical training cheaply and remotely by mimicking physical touch. This partnership will only improve the platform further by introducing more advanced haptic technology.“We are always looking for innovative ways to expand and improve our SaaS platform Fundamental Surgery,” said Richard Vincent, co-founder and CEO of FundamentalVR in an official release.“

We are thrilled to be partnering with Haply Robotics – a leader in kinesthetic grounded haptics – and continue to support our medical device and pharmaceutical partners’ educational programs to allow better product adoption by advancing our strategy for a hardware agnostic open platform and its skills transfer capabilities,” he added.“We’re excited to support FundamentalVR’s rapidly growing business strategy by providing an integral component of a complete high-fidelity simulation solution,” added Colin Gallacher, President and Co-Founder of Haply Robotics. “Haply’s haptic devices will enhance FundamentalVR’s developed virtual environment and medical training scenarios through force feedback and sense of touch.”

For more information about FundamentalVR and Haply Robotics visit here.