Developer Documents

The Haply Kit

Documentation for the Haply kit includes the kit parts list and assembly instructions for the various kits. Please find and download the needed instructions for your version of the Haply kit.

Software Setup

Software installation instructions needed by the Haply kit to run a haptic simulation are provided. The instructions are a step by step guide for installing the Arduino IDE and the Processing IDE on various operating systems. Also included in this section are additional libraries along with their installation instructions needed by the Haply kit.

Example Projects

Multiple example projects are included to provide a starting point in developing sophisticated haptic simulations. The examples range in scope from simulations using direct physics calculations to ones using a physics engine. This section also includes the Arduino firmware for the Haply Board.

Software Documentation

A detailed explanation of the Haply API or hAPI is provided in this section. The low level serial communication protocol used by the Haply Arduino firmware is also provided.

Mechanical Hardware

3-D printing files are provided for those who would like to construct their own Haply device or customize our existing designs.

Electrical Hardware

The Haply board electrical schematics and bill of materials are provided for reference.

Other Open-source Haptic Projects

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