About Us

The Haply project seeks to provide accessibility to force-feedback haptic technology. Most commercially available haptic devices are closed-sourced and extremely application specific. Due to this constraint and coupled with an expensive price, haptic application development remains highly inaccessible both from a cost and knowledge base perspective.

Designed to be highly configurable and modifiable, the haply kit offers high fidelity at affordable prices. Built with the enthusiast, maker, and researcher in mind, application and development software revolves around open-source community support.

The Team

Colin Gallacher

With a deep background in developing virtual reality and haptic applications. Colin's areas of interest and study include rendering rigid body contacts in virtual environments, modelling multibody dynamics for robotic manipulators, and optimizing the design of haptic devices. Designing and creating applications and devices for Haply.

Steve Ding

An embedded systems developer, with a background in electrical circuit design, digital signal processing,and data compression. Steve applies his knowledge and skill in designing, prototyping, and testing the electrical hardware for the Haply project.

Arash Mohtat (Advisor)

Currently working at General Motors, Arash is an expert in mechatronics system and control system design. Arash offers his invaluable insight and expertise to the development of the Haply project.

Reach us at haplyrobotics@gmail.com
Montreal, QC